BISP Women Empowerment Advisory Forum

25th May, 2017

Venue: Block-F, Pak Secretariat Islamabad

Participants:    BISP Women Empowerment Advisory Forum

Total Time 3 hrs and 25 mins

Time (hrs) Agenda Item Duration  Presentations
1030-1035 Tilawat 5 mins
1035-1045 Introduction and Mandate – Chairperson 10 mins
1045-1055 Presentation on 5 selected thematic areas – Mr. Naveed Akbar, BISP 10 mins  View Presentation
1055-1105 Presentation on training material to inculcate nutrition practices amongst the BBCs – Mr. Stephon Gluning, WFP 10 mins  View Presentation
1105-1115 Presentation on training material to inculcate reproductive health practices amongst the BBCs – Dr Zeba A. Sattar 10 mins  View Presentation
1115-1120 Screening model on Hep C carried out as a pilot –Ms.  Mahira Rafique 05 mins  View Presentation
1120-1135 Discussion 15 mins
1135-1145 Presentation on Gender Sensitive Curriculum and equal access to education – Ms. Vibeke Jensen, UNESCO 10 mins  View Presentation
1145-1155 Presentation on Mentorship Programme – Ms. Moneeza Hashmi 10 mins  View Presentation
1155-1205 Presentation on preparation of black gold climate smart training for BBC – Mr. Mudassir Maqsood,  ICIMOD 10 mins  View Presentation
1205-1220 Discussion 15 mins
1220-1235 Tea Break 15 mins
Financial Inclusion  
1235-1245 Presentation on model of e-commerce – Ms. Asma – TCS 10 mins  View Presentation
1245-1300 Discussion 15 mins
Elimination of Violence Against Women  
1300-1310 Presentation on training BBCs against violence – Ms.  Valerie Khan 10 mins  View Presentation
1310-1325 Discussion 15 mins
Workplace Gender Diversity  
1325-1335 Presentation on current best practices for workplace gender diversity to ensure better policies for maternity/paternity leave, child care, day care and equal pay etc in government and corporate sector – Ms. Rukhsana Asghar 10 mins  View Presentation
1335-1350 Discussion 15 mins
1350-1355 Closure and Next Meeting Agenda 05 mins

List of Women Empowerment Advisory Board