Waseela-e-Rozgar Features



Waseela-e-Rozgar Features

As pro-poor training initiatives, it has an objective of cultivating the skills among young unskilled labor pool from the poorest strata in Pakistan.

It is providing technical and vocational trainings enabling the underprivileged potential workers to work in the formal and informal sectors and earn a livelihood, which will elevate their socio-economic status and help them getting out of vicious cycle of poverty.

The trainings are provided to one member of the BISP beneficiary family, between the age brackets of 18-45 years to maximize their potentials as an investment in human capital.

52 certified technical and vocational trainings in various sectors are offered including entrepreneurship, hospitality, construction, tailoring and industrial skills etc.

The duration of training is four to six months and a stipend of Rs. 6000 per month is paid to the trainee during the training period.

The program is also building stronger linkages of these trainees with the formal sector to ensure better employment opportunities.