Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

BISP is internationally recognized as model social safety net program that provides a unique forum for empowerment to the poorest women. BISP is redefining the lives of its women by adding dignity, empowerment and meaning to their lives as envisioned by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. We are fully committed to cultivate an environment where women are respected and feel themselves elevated and empowered.

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards poverty alleviation and financial inclusiveness. BISP empowers its beneficiaries through its various initiatives. Besides managing poverty through unconditional cash transfers, BISP has embarked on poverty exit strategies as well making its beneficiaries self-reliant.

BISP is all about empowering women whether it is financial, social or political. By making CNIC a pre-requisite for financial assistance, woman beneficiaries of BISP have gained voting rights. Financial literacy and inclusion have been possible by making payments to beneficiaries through electronic means. The fact that BISP treats women as heads of families and transfers them payments directly, has not only empowered them socially but has also improved the nutrition status of the children as mothers spend for children’s food on priority.

BISP beneficiaries are mobilized for meaningful engagement to get their buy-in for all BISP programmes including Waseela-e-Taleem beside active participation of BISP beneficiaries to improve the services related to social protection (i.e. different services of BISP). Under this component, local level institutions of BISP beneficiaries are formed through social mobilization at the grass root level. As of today, 48,988 BISP Beneficiary Committees (BBCs) are established and functional in all 32 districts against the target of 51613. Against the target of 437,310 BBC meetings, 69,680 meetings have been held. Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has established its beneficiary committees throughout the country to facilitate illiterate beneficiaries at their doorsteps and help them play pro-active role in the society. The members of these committees raise awareness among women in availing BISP facilities.

“Sisters in Success” is a BISP initiative to encourage idea generation and success transfer to motivate the BISP beneficiaries. Events under “Sisters in Success” initiative provide an opportunity to poor women beneficiaries and their children to draw inspiration from interaction with accomplished women. This initiative brings international and national women role models in front of beneficiaries to instill hope and motivation so they may break the shackles of poverty and emerge empowered in true sense.

Women empowerment and gender equality is foremost on the agenda of incumbent government. The long term national planning framework VISION 2025 commits to pursue women empowerment as a key priority area across all sectors of planning and development. It focuses on providing an enabling environment to every woman to develop her full potential to equally reap the benefits of economic and social development.