Complaint Mechanism

BISP Beneficiary Complaint Mechanism

To effectively serve beneficiaries, BISP has set in place a comprehensive complaint mechanism through which anybody can request for inclusion, check eligibility, report for exclusion and seek other information by visiting BISP field/Tehsil offices, by writing a letter to BISP, by lodging a complaint online on BISP website or by calling our toll free number 0800-26477. For this purpose BISP has set a centralized complaint office with efficient and considerate staff that is available for the service of the callers from across Pakistan from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. The staff provides information about new initiatives, register complaints and resolve complaints on spot regarding CNIC updates and appeals for eligibility cases.

BISP Payment Complaint Mechanism

BISP has designed a comprehensive payment complaint mechanism which is in development and test phase and will be available online for our beneficiaries. The system will enable them to resolve the issues on real time and just in time (JIT) basis. The systems will enable BISP and its partner banks to locally manage payment complaints.