Complementary Initiatives Research

  • CI Wing has a vibrant Research section that is responsible for carrying out research for developing different development models for facilitating BISP beneficiaries in multidimensional areas.
  • Research section works closely with all other sections to devise different strategies.
  • Some of the key Research areas are:
  1. Preparation of Proxy Mean Testing (PMT) formula;
  2. Review of international best practices on graduation to develop BISP Graduation Model;
  3. New National Socio Economic Research Analysis.
  4. Design and prepare BISP annual progress reports
  5. BISP Progress Report 2014-16
  6. BISP Progress Report 2016-17;
  7. Collaborate with national and internationally research institutes like Harvard, MIT and LSE for evidence based policy;
  8. Sample Study to Understand the Causes of Pendency and Delayed Enrolment;
  9. Impact Assessment of Nestle’s Intervention on the Socio-economic Status of BISP Beneficiaries.