Complementary Initiative Partnership Development

  • Complimentary Initiatives (CI) Wing of BISP provides a sustainable impact of cash transfer activities on education, health, nutrition and in improving livelihoods to increase the chance of graduation of BISP beneficiaries out of poverty. This is done through linkage development with Partner Organizations for enrollment of BISP beneficiaries’ and their family in a complimentary (education, health) or productive (income generating activity) activity.
  • BISP signed National Social Protection Programme (NSPP)/agreement with the World Bank on 30th March 2017. The loan amounting to US$ 100 million was allocated to be closed by June 2021. The funding was agreed to be disbursed through eight Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLI’s) that are to be achieved within the timelines agreed between BISP and the World Bank.
  • Complementary Initiative Partnership program is responsible for implementation of activities undertaken under NSPP. The major KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of NSPP is linkage development with Partner Organizations for enrollment of 400,000 BISP beneficiary households in a complimentary or productive service.
  • Complementary Initiative Partnership program has developed linkages with Partner Organizations by signing 15 Memorandum of Understanding for enrollment of BISP beneficiaries (Households) in a Complimentary or Productive Service:-
Sr.# Partner Organizations Signed On Description of Service  Number Of BISP Beneficiaries as per BISP Internal Targets Beneficiaries Targeted so far
1 Akhuwat 29-08-15 Provision of interest free loans through PM Interest Free Loan Scheme 34,000
2 Louis Berger 25.9.2017 Provision of loans to youth 30
3 Nestle Pakistan 2.5.2017 Training of BISP beneficiaries as Nestle Sales Agents 1000 till Dec 2018 333
4 FINCA 7.3.2018 Training of BISP beneficiaries as Field Agents of FMBL 50
5 Uber Pakistan 30.3.2018 Provision of Rickshaws  to female beneficiaries 100
6 Acid Survivors Foundation 29.3.2018 Training to BISP Community Leaders for gender equality and women rights 210
7 Indus Heritage Trust 2.4.2018 Skill development and Training of BISP Artisans. 50
8 Rural Support Programme 12.3.2018 To enroll BISP beneficiaries in RSPN projects
9 PPAF 13.3.2018 Graduating selective BISP beneficiaries out of poverty 500,000
10 NRSP 19.3.2018 Self-employment  for graduating BISP beneficiaries 100,000
11 Chal Foundation 4.5.2018 Provision of assistive devices to differently abled BISP beneficiaries 39
12 Red Crescent 30.5.2018 To facilitate BISP beneficiaries committees in first aid training, health and hygiene, screening and other awareness sessions
13 Children Global Network Pakistan 25.6.2018 Facilitating Women Livelihood to Mitigate inter  


14 Inbox Technology
15 Thar foundation
  • Complementary Initiative-I/Partnership Development Section is developing linkages with other partner organizations for provision of services to BISP beneficiaries. The table below lists the Memorandum of Understandings’ that are ready to be signed:-
Sr.# Partner Organization Name Description of Service No of BISP Beneficiaries to be targeted
1 Telenor Pakistan, Telenor Microfinance Bank Training of BISP beneficiaries as Retail Agents for financial products of TP and TMFB. 20,000
2 Transparent Hands Collaboration with Transparent Hands for health care service/medical boot camps. To conduct 6 medical camps in 6 district of Punjab and trained 50 BISP beneficiaries as Health Care Ambassador
3 APWA Training of BISP beneficiaries as certified “Domestic Workers”. 10000
4 NDF Rehabilitation of Children with Intellectual Disabilities at NDF Rehab Center 100
5 World Learning Mutual cooperation and collaboration for implementation of the USAID Funded AGES Programme in 8 districts of Pakistan. Carry out 540 enrollment campaign.

Identify 6000 out of school BISP beneficiaries girls and enroll in formal school.

Support 8000 young women for acquiring demand driven skills.

6 Moawin Foundation Mutual Cooperation and collaboration for provision of Services. 500