• oviewBenazir Income Support Programme is the Marshall Plan and the flagship Programme of the Government for Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation
  • Foundations of a welfare state were laid through establishment of BISP and the current government has made giant leaps towards the achievement of this dream.
  • BISP is an independent authority with the President of Pakistan being the Chief Patron and Prime Minister of Pakistan the Executive Patron of the Programme. BISP is managed by a high powered Board headed by its Chairperson
  • Benazir Income Support Programme Bill was unanimously passed by the National Assembly and the Senate
  • Because of its performance, transparency and efficient technology based systems, BISP has earned global recognition and donor support and is cited as an example of international best practices across the world
  • BISP has so far disbursed more than Rs 267 billion to the deserving and needy of the country with complete transparency since its inception.

Poverty Census (first ever in the country)

  • Conduct of countrywide Poverty Survey/Census for the first time not only in Pakistan but also in South Asia
  • Data of almost 180 million (18 crore) people and 27 million households of Pakistan collected for the first time
  • Use of GPS devices to map the data of the entire country for informed decision making (to cope with natural disasters and other emergencies)
  • Poverty census completed in record time of one year across all Pakistan including Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and FATA

Cash Transfers (largest ever in the country)

  • Around 7.7 million beneficiary families consisting of more than four crore individuals have been identified through Poverty Scorecard Survey for disbursing monthly cash grant.
  • So far, more than 4.7 million deserving families are receiving cash grant of Rs.1500/month
  • Billions of rupees have been disbursed till date amongst poorest of the poor

Waseela-e-Haq (first ever in the country)

  • Provides interest free loans up to Rs.300,000 to help the recipients to set up small businesses
  • Facility provided to approximately 11,000 beneficiaries, so far.
  • Female beneficiary is the sole owner/proprietor of the business
  • Counseling, monitoring and training for starting the business is provided through Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Waseela-e-Rozgar (largest ever in the country)

  • Launched for provision of demand driven technical and vocational training to the deserving youth, who do not have any skill, through public/private training institutes
  • More than 57,000 young male and female members of our beneficiary household have completed training so far.

Waseela-e-Sehet: (first ever in the country)

  • a. Life Insurance:

  • BISP is providing insurance cover of Rs.100,000 to the bread earner of the poor family. All beneficiary families are being extended this facility
  • Premium is paid by BISP and in case of death of the bread earner of the family, the support of Rs 100,000 is provided to the family.
  • Life insurance has already been provided to more than 3 million beneficiary families
  • b. Health Insurance:

  • Health shocks are the major reason for pushing people below the poverty line
  • Rs.25,000 health insurance is being provided to the poorest families for the first time in Pakistan
  • More than 74,000 families are using this health insurance through the Pilot launched from Faisalabad

Waseela-e-Taleem (first ever in the country)

  • Millions of poor children never attend any school due to financial limitations. Under this initiative, 2 million out-of-school children of ages 5-12 years from the recipient families will be sent to school
  • BISP has started enrolling children (boys and girls) for sending them to primary schools across the country. More than 50,000 children already enrolled
  • BISP has signed contracts with all the provinces to help sending these 2 million children to school through additional cash incentives of Rs. 200 per child
  • BISP has signed agreements with World Bank and DFID for the next two years to implement this initiative
  • Giving identity to the Marginalized Women

  • More than 23 million women have got their CNIC because of BISP, including women from FATA and Baluchistan
  • Technology based Payments Mechanisms (first ever in the country)

  • BISP provides technology based payment facilities through
  • i) Benazir Smart Card
    ii) Mobile Phone Banking and
    iii) Benazir Debit Card
  • These state of the art facilities are being provided to the poorest segments of society for the first time in the history of Pakistan
  • Millions of new accounts have been opened, and people brought in the financial sector of Pakistan who did not have any access to the banking sector in their lives.
  • A corporate style, fast paced work ethic has been adopted for efficient service delivery
  • Transparency, the Hallmark of BISP

  • Disbursed Hundreds of Billions of Rupees among the poorest of the poor with complete transparency
  • Introduced branchless banking for the poorest of the poor for the first time in Pakistan
  • International Recognition

  • BISP has attracted worldwide support and appreciation for its trust and believability
    Has been declared a model program
    Has received direct technical and financial support from international donors and financial institutions
    Has been approached by a number of countries for replicating BISP model

Development Partners/Donor Support

  • • World Bank
    • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    • UK Department for International Development (DFID)
    • USAID
    • China
    • Turkey
    • Iran

Grievance Redressal System

  • Aimed at quick resolution of peoples’ grievances and complaints
  • Introduction of technology based Grievance Redressal System for facilitation of the poor
  • State of the art system launched to address the issues/problems/complaints of the poor people on international standards through computerized systems

Emergency Relief Package

  • Objective of this initiative is to provide immediate and speedy relief to the people affected by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and victims of bomb blasts and displacements through acts of violence etc
  • IDPs of FATA/Bajur/Malakund, Flood affectees of 2009-10 and 2010-11 and Earthquake affectees of Balochistan have been supported by BISP through its Emergency Relief Package
  • Recently, famine affected beneficiaries of Thar have received additional financial support by Government of Pakistan through Benazir Income Support Programme.