Women Empowerment in Diamer through Rawaaj: Marvi – November 10, 2017

Government of Pakistan

Benazir Income Support Programme

Press Release

9th November 2017


Minister of State and Chairperson BISP MNA Marvi Memon visited Diamer today where she held meetings with local notables and BISP beneficiaries to discuss the strengthening and enhancing the number of BISP Beneficiary Committees (BBCs) that have a pivotal role in school enrollment of children and women empowerment.

In Gilgit-Baltistan, BISP has enrolled 45,408 children into schools, 18,821 from Baltistan, 13,877 from Diamir and 12,710 from Gilgit. There are 491 BBCs in Baltistan, 301 in Gilgit and 41 in Diamir. BBC is a group of 25-30 women that meet regularly to discuss their issues and the guidance is provided to them on nutrition, health, basic counting, women rights and entrepreneurial skills.

Speaking to beneficiaries, Ms Memon said that to enable women to stand up for their rights without any fear is the core objective of BISP along with poverty alleviation. BISP has embarked upon an empowerment journey for its women through social mobilization and financial literacy utilizing the platform of BISP Beneficiary Committees (BBCs).  These BBCs are bringing in a women empowerment revolution by creating awareness among women on the rights given by Islam.  The women of Diamer should come forward and utilize this platform for an empowered future.

Chairperson BISP told them that BISP financial assistance is to be spent on children’s education, food and daily needs. Beneficiaries should realize their importance and contribute towards the betterment of their families by making intelligent use of this stipend, vaccinating their children, providing them with nutritive food and feed the young ones with mother’s milk.  She added that BISP’s contribution towards education, malnutrition and women mobility is commendable as the BISP’s support ensures education, nutritive food and better life for BISP families.

Later she held a meeting with notables of the area. The meeting was attended by PML N District President Abdul Waheed, Spokesperson GB government Faizullah, Moulana Muhammad Din, Maulana Farman Wali and others. Speaking to them she said that elders should play their part in empowering the womenfolk of the area. Islam places women in high esteem as they are responsible for the upbringing of future generations. Women are the prime focus of BISP and by empowering them we are fulfilling the Islamic obligation of giving respect and honor to women.

She urged the notables to provide support to survey teams during the national rollout of survey for NSER update. She said that they should support them in registering each and every household so that no deserving is left out.