National Team of Hult Prize Called on Chairperson BISP – May 24, 2018

Government of Pakistan

Benazir Income Support Programme


May 24, 2018

Press Release


ISLAMABAD: The national team of Hult Prize Pakistan called on the Federal Minister and Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Ms. Marvi Memon along with the national prize winner 2018 program, Pakistan Development Exchange. Ms. Memon endorsed the winning team and ensured that Government of Pakistan will support this team on every global platform. Pakistan Development Exchange is a smart and efficient platform to connect the three stake holders (NGO, Donor and under privileged) of social sector. BISP will share the poverty database with PDX team for most efficient and targeted poverty alleviation intervention. BISP will establish a formal collaboration with Hult Prize Pakistan to promote Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Hult Prize is the world’s largest student based entrepreneurship competition, awarding USD $1 Million. The winner of last year’s Hult Prize is also team of Pakistani American students with the name of Roshni Rides in Karachi. This year the team of Pakistan Development Exchange (PDX) will represent Pakistan at the global accelerator starting from July 3rd till 1st September in London. BISP is the world’s largest social safety network and giving the access to its database that can help PDX grow exponentially.

BISP Pic 24 May