Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, United Nations Deputy Secretary General welcomes Ms. Marvi memon, Chairperson BISP proposal to links social safety nets (SSN) to sustainable development goals (SDGs) – April 23, 2018

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April 23, 2018

Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, United Nations Deputy Secretary General Welcomes Ms. Marvi Memon, Chairperson BISP Proposal to Links Social Safety Nets (SSN) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 


Ms. MarviMemon met Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary General at the UN Office in Washington DC, today. Ms. Memon is in the US to participate in World Bank Spring meetings.

Ms. Amina Mohammed is the second highest ranking official in the UN system after the Secretary General, with 35-years of experience in human development. Prior to her career in UN, Ms. Mohammed led her country Nigeria’s social safety programs.

In the meeting, Ms. Memon proposed a concept aimed at Institutionalization of the Social Safety Nets within UN system for social inclusion of vulnerable families in midst of environmental, food and security crisis. In this manner, the work of different countries in Social Safety Nets can be dovetailed with that of the UN for knowledge sharing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a more efficient and effective manner.  In this regard, BISP with its internationally acclaimed accomplishments in the field would be willing to offer its expertise and services. She proposed to create a knowledge portal for the UN based on BISP experience.

Ms. Memon explained that many countries are spending a significant percentage of the GDP besides help from international organizations to run their Social Safety program but this is done without central coordinating mechanism to pool the wealth of information and knowledge around the globe. The UN could fill this gap and provide leadership to the world in this fields to create a win-win situation for all by linking SSN to SDGs and thus avoiding wastage of human capital and resource.

The UN DSG appreciated the vision of Ms. Memon and welcomed the proposal to create a forum or collaboration mechanism in the UN like ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific) to synergize the work and effort of different nations under one umbrella for achievement of SGDs through SSNs.

UN DSG commended Ms. Memon for her massive contribution to poverty reduction and women empowerment beyond the traditional concept of empowerment such as empowering them to vote through National ID cards. Ms. Amina Mohammed also appreciated Chairperson BISP work for reduction in violence against women and disaster relief.

Ms. Memon thanked UN DSG for her interest and willingness to work with Ms. Memon on the proposal.

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