A Message from Minister of State/ Chairperson BISP, MNA Marvi Memon


“Humbled to be leading one of the  top Social Safety Nets of the world with the commitment to provide Dignity, Empowerment & Meaning to Life to Pakistan’s poorest women under the Vision and Leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif & Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar.”

BISP is Pakistan’s largest social safety net that provides quarterly stipends to over 5.3 million of the most vulnerable families of Pakistan. These cash transfers ensure empowerment of the beneficiary women and feeds directly into PM Nawaz Sharif’s Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. Our primary objective is to empower women, spread a message of hope while instilling values of empowerment, dignity and promoting interprovincial harmony/equalization.

BISP recognizes and applauds the role of women in nation building of Pakistan. It is our belief that just as it takes a village to raise a child; it will take an entire array of world women leaders to lift and empower the vulnerable women of our country. We have joined BISP family to enable the empowered women of the world to engage with the vulnerable women of Pakistan and the successful women to welcome the vulnerable into folds of confidence through BISP Sister in Success Model where role models address our women monthly.

BISP has also committed to be the Pride of Pakistan by ensuring that as an organization it is modeled after the corporate sector services approach. Through our investment in products, processes and people, we are continuously meeting targets, DLIs and improving our world ratings.

It is the promise of BISP to ensure large impact and the promotion of a brighter, more positive image of Pakistan. Through this Progress Report, we extend invitations to all our existing and potential internal development partners and multinational corporations to collaborate with BISP as we aim to advance global connectivity, promote overall safety and security of the region and debunk myths surrounding Pakistani women. We expect all our partners to develop their CSR activities with BISP’s scientific database of the poorest women so that they have the peace of mind of knowing that their philanthropic funds are being targeted to the real needy. BISP is more than just an efficient cash transfer operations through its BISP beneficiaries committee, it is a ready to use platform for other organizations involved in women empowerment activities.

These stipends contribute towards reducing intergenerational poverty through financial awareness, better employment opportunities and life earnings that will result from long term investment in human capital development. Moreover, these stipends add to the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable families and augment IQ levels leading to a more productive Pakistani society.

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