A Message from Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization  of Pakistan, His Excellency Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar


 “The government has set the country on the road of progress despite the fact that it had inherited a broken economy when it assumed the office in 2013. The government has ensured a remarkable economic recovery during a short span of time by introducing macroeconomic reforms and tax recovery schemes, enabling the largest budgets for BISP & thus the vulnerable.”

BISP is the largest and most remarkable undertaking of the Government of Pakistan. The mission that drives the agenda of the Programme is both admirable and unique to the social history of the country. It is envisioned that the stipends provided to the beneficiaries of BISP will improve the most vulnerable peoples’ everyday lives and help them in the provision of health, education, alternate forms of energy, etc., all of which feature prominently in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Ministry of Finance is prioritizing this goal of expanding the social safety net. Success in achieving this goal will make BISP stand out as an exemplary social safety net programme in the world. It would also ultimately strengthen governance in the country as well as the capacity of key institutions to provide necessary services to the poor.

BISP provides an extremely important social safety to the poorest segments of the society and its carefully designed schemes add value to the overall mission of empowering women. Due to its importance for the current government, the budgetary allocation has been increased in four years from Rs. 75 billion to Rs. 115 billion in FY 2016-17.  At the same time, the quarterly stipend for beneficiaries has also been increased from Rs.3,000/quarter to Rs. 4,700/quarter in FY 2015-16.

There is no doubt that without the relentless efforts of the field officers and other staff members, the Programme cannot be run as efficiently as it does today. It is my hope that officials at BISP will maintain highest professional standards and help BISP become a most efficient and competent organization.

I thank the development partners and look forward to their continued partnership and collaboration in the future. Their cooperation and assistance is very important to BISP’s success.

I urge all stakeholders to support the government’s cause and to spread awareness of this Programme so that the right people may benefit from BISP.