Marvi Represents Pakistan in Seminar on Shock Responsive Social Protection in Peru – October 31, 2017

Government of Pakistan

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Press Release

October 31, 2017


Minister of State and Chairperson BISP MNA Marvi Memon represented Pakistan in the Regional Seminar on Shock Responsive Social Protection organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) of the Republic of Peru and the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean of the World Food Programme in Peru.

The purpose of the seminar was to share experiences, practices and vision on shock-responsive social protection from different parts of the world and different contexts, reflect on commonalities, opportunities and challenges faced in middle-income countries and to contribute to the global commitments and the humanitarian-development continuum. Pakistan was the only country invited from Asia to present its social safety programme for experience sharing with other countries. Other participant countries included Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Namibia and West Africa.

Ms Memon presented the achievements of BISP and efforts made for supporting 5.4 million families across Pakistan. She said that the national policy framework for social protection pays significant attention to shock responsiveness. The countrywide presence of BISP makes it a leader in shock responsiveness in Pakistan as it has the potential to coordinate at central and provincial levels.

While highlighting the opportunities, capacity and resources for the development of a successful shock-responsive social protection in Pakistan, she said that BISP operational capacity has improved significantly over the years as it has developed National Socioeconomic registry (NSER) that has information of more than 80% of the population and location by GPS. She said that BISP is in the process of updating its NSER through resurvey. An updated NSER could be utilized for rapid identification of caseload, through inclusion of household GPS coordinates and indicators of climatic and livelihood vulnerability.

While discussing international experiences in preparing and using national social protection system for emergency response, Ms. Marvi highlighted the pivotal role of BISP in collaboration with NADRA as a key implementing partner. She added that BISP linkages with other organizations could be leveraged to support a shock response and a well established BISP payment system could be utilized in a disaster to swiftly reach disaster affected population.

Mr. Ismaeel Ahmed, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Social Investment Programmes, Government of Nigeria, Advocate Bionce Philomena Gawanas, Special Adviser to the Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Government of Namibia, Ms. Margot Van der Velden, Deputy Regional Director, WFP Regional Bureau for West Africa and Ms. Ellen Kramer, Regional Programme Adviser, WFP Asia Regional Bureau also highlighted their experiences in shock responsive social protection.

The participants applauded the efforts made by BISP for improving the lives of millions of people in Pakistan and were of the opinion that this knowledge sharing from BISP would help in replication of its experiences in shock responsive social safety.

War against malnutrition and stunting is a common agenda of the World and should be dealt with jointly with more coordinated efforts for quick and better results. Ms. Fiorella Molinelli, Minister of Social Development and Inclusion, Government of Peru and Minister of State and Chairperson BISP MNA Marvi Memon agreed in the bilateral meeting held in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peru. Minister of Social Development and Inclusion, Government of Peru briefed the chairperson on different programs helping reduction in Malnutrition by 50% in Peru and invited BISP to adopt the model for dealing with stunting and malnutrition issue being faced by Pakistan.  Minister of State and Chairperson BISP while briefing the Minister regarding efforts made by BISP in helping poorest of the poor stated that food insecurity is matter of high concern as 44% of children in Pakistan less than 5 years of age are stunted. This alarming situation needs to be tackled at the earliest. She said that financial assistance through BISP is effectively helping the downtrodden in meeting their basic needs particularly food and health.  BISP Impact Evaluation Studies highlight the positive impact of BISP in reducing malnutrition rates as BISP stipend has increased the monthly food consumption driven by high protein intake in BISP families. Minister of Social Development and Inclusion, Government of Peru has also accepted the invitation of Ms. Marvi Memon to visit Pakistan for sharing the experience of Peruvian model for reducing malnutrition and agreed to work closely on regular basis in war against malnutrition.

Minister of state and Chairperson BISP MNA Ms. Marvi Memon assured full support of BISP in carrying out the study on Cost and gap of fixing malnutrition for Pakistan in another meeting with Mr. Rodrigo Martinez, Senior Social Affairs Officer, ECLAC, held in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BISP agreed to take lead in carrying out the study which determines the future option for launching of most cost effective design for preventing the malnutrition and stunting in coordination with relevant stakeholders in Pakistan.

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