Assistant Director’s Meeting with Secretary BISP – June 04, 2018



Discussion Points for Meeting with worthy Secretary BISP

 Agenda point # 1:Pay thanks to Worthy Secretary BISP for efforts in favor of all BISP Employees including recognition, motivation& financial benefits.

Discussion points/items

Vote of thanks for:

  1. Employee of the Month initiative (for 1-16 scale).
  2. Hajj Package for BISP officials (for 1-16 scale).
  • Provision of Ad-hoc allowance of 2017.
  1. Release of bonus and gross salary


Agenda point # 2:Discussion on Implementation of Service Structure with focus on rights admissible to other federal employees.

Discussion points/items

Kind patronage of worthy Secretary is requested:

  1. For Salary Revision of BISP officers & officials
  2. To expedite Service Regulations for implementation
  • For regularization of contractual officers &officials (hired via testing services or else) as well as contingent staff. List attached (Annex-1)
  1. For Creation of seats of Deputy Director at District and Divisional level under the provisions of BISP act 2010 {Chapter-V POWERS AND FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT: Rule 10 (g)}
  2. New appointments of Assistant Directors as Directors in line with service regulations 2012 (Internal Hiring).
  3. For efforts to make necessary amendments in the Rules of Business 1973 in accordance to memorandum No. 4-11/2008-Min-1, dated 28th September, 2015 issued by Cabinet Division, where by “Benazir Income Support Program” was placed under finance division with approval of the worthy Prime Minister.


Agenda point # 3:Provision of government incentives to BISP employees.

Discussion points/items:

  1. House building advance for BISP officers & officials.
  2. Car advance for BISP officers/officials.
  • Soft loan (i.e. advance salaries) for BISP officers & officials.
  1. Health care services/facilities by taking reputable hospitals on BISP penal for BISP officers/officials and their families.
  2. Educational & marriage grant for BISP officials’ children.


Officers/officials who were served show cause notice for sanity check are deprived of bonuses and lump sum salary their notices may please be withdrawn and instructions may please be made for release of benefits to these employees.


Agenda point # 4:Provision of study leave for higher education and award of PhD/MPhil Allowance.

Discussion points/items

  1. Provision of paid study leaves (local/abroad) for BISP officers&officials.
  2. Provision of PhD/MPhil allowance for BISP officers & officials.


Agenda point # 5:  Provision of equipment/resources for smooth running of field operational activities.

Discussion points/items

  1. Provision of Laptops, Internet accessibility, Printers cum scanners and electricity backup for field offices as there is severe shortage of these facilities for smooth running of business in field offices.
  2. Introduction of POL policy for BISP officers & officials for field spot check visits and other operational activities.
  • Provision of field vehicles to tehsil offices, keeping in view the geographical terrain of each province/region.


It is certified that the discussion points are wetted by available Assistant Directors of BISP Pakistan.  Individual Signed letter with detailed list are attached for ready reference.


Worthy Secretary BISP Pakistan

(All Assistant Director BISP Pakistan)


  1. List of Assistant Directors encompassing their opinion
  2. Letter of thanks from Assistant Directors